Freshly baked sourdough delivered free in Green Bay

Voyageurs Sourdough is naturally leavened, hand-crafted bread made with local grains in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

April 18 – sold out
April 17 – sold out

Weekly delivery

You order. We bake. We deliver... for free!

It's that simple! Every week we take orders and deliver right to your doorstep, free of charge. Place your order by Monday night, and you'll be in for that week's delivery on Thursday. If your order is placed after Monday, you'll get your order in the next week's delivery.

Simple ingredients, patient practice

The art of sourdough

Our bread is made with four simple ingredients: flour, water, salt, and wild yeast—plus a whole lot of care and patience. We're always practicing new techniques and exploring ingredients to make an even more delicious bread.

Our mission is to bring communities together through local food care, curiosity, and creativity. We believe food created with care and enjoyed with good company is just as essential to health as any specific nutrient, and that curiosity around the table is a key to growth and learning.

Wisconsin grains

Supporting local food collaboration

We are committed to developing a supply chain that is sustainable, contributes to local economic development, and celebrates our unique local food identity through collaboration with local farmers and producers.

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