Getting the most of your loaf

Getting the most of your loaf

There are so many ways to love bread. The smell, the look, the taste.

When investing in a loaf of sourdough, you want to make sure to get the most of the loaf.

Here's how we like to encourage you to make the most of your first few bites of your loaf... to get the full experience.

Follow this simple 4-step process with each of your new loaves you receive from Voyageurs. 

Step 1: VISUAL
Upon receiving your loaf, take it out of the bag and allow your visual senses to enjoy the loaf. Notice the color contrast. See if you can identify the natural bursting areas mentioned in the shaping / baking process. Note the different shades of brown on the exterior. Appreciate the rustic nature. 

Step 2: SMELL
Now time to activate your smell. Bring the loaf up to your nose and take a few gentle inhales with your loaf. Let it be relaxing, and almost meditative. This is what getting closer to your food is all about. 

Step 3: TOUCH
You've held this loaf, but now it's time to be present with the tactile nature of the exterior of the bread. It's time to slice into it. Make sure you own a good "proper" bread knife (as Ben puts it). You can purchase one at the Bakehouse at either location if you don't yet own one. Slice into it. Notice the crust and how it sputters off as you slice. 

Step 4: TASTE
The pinnacle of the bread appreciation experience... finally getting to taste it. For your first taste, have a slice without anything else on it, on the day you receive the loaf. Notice the nutty, sweet, aromatic notes this loaf gives you. Then get creative on how you are going to enjoy the rest! 

Now comes the fun part... what are you going to create with your loaves?! 

Tell us what you're making with your loaf this week in the comments below. And be sure to check out this week's pre-order menu. 



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