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Sandwiches & Things

Sandwiches & Things

Voyageurs Breakfast Sammie
Waseda Organic Ham, Organic Pasture Egg Soufflé, Slow Roasted Tomato, Red Barn Cheddar, Fancy Sauce on a Brioche Bun.

Smoked Salmon Pate
Bearcat’s Smoked Salmon, Sour Cream, Horseradish, Fresh Dill, Cucumber, Pickled Beets, Local Mixed Greens on Italian Sourdough.

Ham & Pickle
Waseda Organic Ham, Tangy Dill Pickles, Local MIxed Greens, Mustard Mayo on Italian Sourdough.

Grilled Pastrami Reuben
Pastrami by Maplewood Meats, Roth Aged Swiss Cheese, Sauerkraut, Russian Dressing on Grilled Seeded Country.

Spicy Chicken Salad
Poached Chicken, Spicy Giardiniera, Cucumber, Local Mixed Greens, Lemon Mayo on Italian Sourdough.

Gochujang Asparagus AALT (V/Vg)
AALT... Asparagus, Avocado, Lettuce, Tomato.
Breadcrumb Roasted Asparagus, Avocado, Cherry Tomato Relish, Gochujang Sauce, Nori Seasoning, Lettuce on Toasted Italian Sourdough.

Sourdough Grilled Cheese (V)
The best grilled cheese starts with the best bread. Your choice of Seeded Country or Italian Sourdough with a combination of Swiss and Cheddar Cheese. Choose to add Ham or Roast Asparagus.

Sourdough Toast & Jam (V)
Thick Cut Pullman, Pine River Butter from Manitowoc, Seasonal Jam.


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