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Making Bread Great Again



The power of intentions

It all started on Thursday, February 22nd, 2018 with a single, yet powerful, line written on a piece of paper:

"I want to do something with my hands. I want to know my customers."

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It’s more than just a team, it’s a work family.

The Voyageurs team is a group of people seriously passionate about creating positive change in our Green Bay community through baked goods made with love.

Our philosophy is to hustle hard, rest hard, and reflect hard.

Mental and emotional well being, positivity and authenticity are a big part of our culture. We strive to integrate our whole beings, as we believe that work-life and personal life can be positively integrated in a workplace by taking ownership of our actions and learning through our challenges.

‘Work’ at Voyageurs is not just about producing great artisan baked goods; it’s about using the power of our hands to create a tangible difference in our community… one loaf of bread at a time.

Ben Cadman

Founder & Co-Owner
The Great British Baker
Affectionately known as "Dad"

"I love sourdough bread because of its simplicity. Using natural yeast and bacteria to unlock the power inside tiny grains to create a bread that is visually beautiful, delicious and nourishing all at the same time."

Celeste Parins

The Bakehouse Maven
Affectionately known as "Mom"

"Bread brings people together around a table and perfectly compliments a beautiful table of food. It's rustic, yet refined; It's simple, yet complex. It’s a beautiful representation of the juxtaposition of life."

Bonnie Pawlak

Lead Pastry Chef

"I love sourdough bread because of the amazing health benefits and the flavor is just unbeatable."

Jake Higbee

Baker & Dough Slinger

“I love that it’s a beautiful blend of science, tradition, art and innovation- and a wonderful way to pay homage to our ancestors!”

Courtney Snyder

Customer Experience Lead

Zachary Martin

Bakehouse Chef

Elan Carroll

The Laminator

“It starts with the eating because who doesn’t love to eat it! I love getting to learn about sourdough pastry, because there’s so much more to it than just regular pastry. It’s challenging and rewarding!”

Colvin Anderson

Mr. Clean

"I love bread because you can make it into toast."

Andrea Stiller

Glowing Barista

“Because who doesn’t love to eat bread and pastry!... Oh and What Jake said.”

Ben Brodin

Bread Baker & Dough Slinger

Suzi Blackwell

Appleton Team Leader

Thinking about a career change?

Sam Vainisi

Maestro of the Pack

“Bread is life and a cousin of beer by way of a yeasty mother."

Kelly Schmitz

Green Bay • Barista

Kelly Mueller

Stage Crew

"I love rustic sourdough because it's delicious and nutritious! A sturdy slice of bread with a crispy crust and chewy crumb slathered with butter is one of the most satisfying simple pleasures in life."

Emilie Heil

Customer Bestie

"I love bread because quite simply, it is life. It not only provides energy and nourishment, but it brings people together. Bread is a beautiful canvas that is the foundation of cuisine around the world."

Izja Betulae

Appleton Team • Barista

Harry Kispert

Market Master

"I love bread due to its incomparable usefulness in the food realm. From sandwiches to crostinis to toast, it comes in all forms and tastes different, yet exists in so many different cultures."

Nathan Gault-Crabb

Dough Mixer | Bread Team

Collin Pappenfuss

Appleton • Barista

Beth Malinowski

Appleton • Barista

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