About Us


Voyageurs Sourdough is naturally leavened, hand-crafted bread made with local Wisconsin grains.

Our sourdough is truly hand-crafted; meaning we do the majority of the work by hand. The rise in the loaf is created by the use of a wild yeast starter. There has never been any commercial or powdered yeast used in our products.

Flour, water, salt; It’s the simplicity that makes this type of bread so mysterious. When you pair that with high-quality ingredients, you get a truly impressive product that has a distinct difference you can taste. 

The grains are sourced from local farmers using organic farming practices. The personal relationships that have been built with the farmers means we know and truly trust the quality of the ingredients that go into our bread.

In a bite of Voyageurs Sourdough, you’re getting a taste of northeast Wisconsin heritage.Our mission is to bring the community together around the table through curiosity and creativity on the plate.

We believe food created with care and enjoyed with good company is just as essential to health as any specific nutrient, and that curiosity around the table is a key to growth and learning.


On Thursday, February 22nd, 2018, Ben wrote on a piece of paper: "I want to do something with my hands. I want to know my customers."

Ben Cadman and his wife Celeste Parins were in Malaysia enjoying the last few days of tropical air and sunshine before they embarked on their big move to the U.S.

As they routinely did, Celeste led them through an intention setting exercise. Part of that was to sit down and write out the things they wanted to do and feel on a daily basis in their next chapter of life.

It was a time of new beginnings. They were starting a family and a new life together in Green Bay. It was an opportunity to receive full clarity on their intentions and goals for the next chapter.

Celeste, a Green Bay native, had spent ten years living in various places around Asia and Australia. In the beginning of her journey, Celeste met Ben; a half Swiss, half English global citizen residing in Malaysia. After years of galavanting around Asia together, they had a baby on the way, and decided to make a big move to the U.S. and back to Celeste's home town.

Although they were both ready for something different, they weren't completely sure what it looked like. Ironically (or not so ironically) they both said they wanted to get to meet their customers face to face, and do something creative with a tangible product.

Four months later, Ben met a fellow home-baker named Kevin McGillivray, and was on the road to his goal coming true of "wanting to do something with my hands."



As Ben and Kevin got to know one another through a Green Bay co-working space, it wasn’t photos of their families that they shared;  it was photos of their sourdough bread.

What were the odds of these two men - both working independently in a co-working space - discovering they were both at home bakers with a passion for making sourdough using the same method? It had all the makings to be the best thing since sliced bread.

Their first partnership was at a local Farmer’s Market. With what seemed like a huge production at the time, they each made nine loaves of sourdough at home to bring to the market. They sold out in 30 minutes. 

After having the same success the next few markets, these two home bakers decided to launch a home delivery service to bring hand-crafted sourdough to homes around the Greater Green Bay area.

After a research trip to the local museum, the name Voyageurs had been chosen. The Voyageurs were early French-Canadian traders who transported furs and other materials over long distances, and frequently through the Green Bay area.

Since our sourdough is mainly a French style sourdough, this name was well suited because it reflected the French influence on food and culture in Wisconsin. This name represents the history of Green Bay while reflecting a feeling of kindred spirits as the Voyageurs were adventurous, curious, and explorers.

With a decided business name, Voyageurs Sourdough was created in August of 2018.

Exploring food is an adventure and there are many things to learn and discover by tasting, making, and sharing food. Sourdough is specifically unique in it's dynamic fermented nature, providing endless opportunities to discover and explore.

Ben & Kevin grew the home baking business together for one year. It was full of learning, laughing, and a lot of baking. As the business reached a pivotal growth point, Ben decided he wanted to take it to the next level with his wife Celeste and open a Bakehouse in downtown Green Bay.



This next big chapter of Voyageurs Sourdough is being written right now. It will allow Voyageurs Sourdough to more than triple production within an hour, bake more types of bread, and invite people to come into an experiential bakehouse to learn more about the art of sourdough. 

There will finally be a retail space that customers have been asking for, and another mini-chapter of Downtown Green Bay as it brings the heartbeat of a bread bakery back into its' city center.

It is with a strong mission and vision that Voyageurs Sourdough intends to be a welcoming city-center common place for people of all ages to share good bread and good company.

To read more about the our bakehouse, you can view the full concept here. 



Ben Cadman

Co-Founder & Fermentation Fanatic

Ben is a global citizen, who has now found himself here in Green Bay Wisconsin baking bread for the local community. Born in Amsterdam, raised in Singapore & Malaysia, Ben is actually half English, half Swiss. Being the son of a professional chef, Ben’s passion for food started at a very young age. His career has had many chapters including hotel management (Malaysia), owning a wine shop (Malaysia), CEO of e-commerce startup (Malaysia), head of procurement for an e-commerce (Hong Kong), and CEO of a health & wellness TV channel (Australia). Now taking on the entrepreneurial challenge himself, Ben is passionate about bringing sourdough to the Green Bay community and beyond.
Why do you love bread?

At the absolute core of me loving sourdough bread is in its simplicity. Using natural yeast and bacteria to unlock the power inside tiny grains which goes on to create a bread that is visually beautiful, delicious and nourishing at the same time.


Celeste Parins

Creative Marketer & Mother of Mini-bread-connoisseur

LA born, Green Bay bred, Celeste is a global traveler and has spent her last 10 years hopping around Asia & Australia as a digital marketing manager and strategist. Her passion and experience has been in health & wellness, and personal growth and has worked for some top brands in this space. Returning back to Green Bay in March 2018 with a husband (Ben) and baby on the way, her career opened a new chapter into motherhood and entrepreneurship. Passionate to bring concepts, ideas, and cultural diversity to Green Bay, she’s hoping Voyageurs is just starting point.

Why do you love bread?

It brings people together around a table and perfectly compliments a beautiful table of food. It's rustic, yet refined; It's simple, yet complex. It’s a beautiful representation of the juxtaposition of life.


Richard & Linda Parins

Parents of Celeste, and in-laws of Ben, Richard and Linda are the epitome and role models of supportive parenting. After Ben and Celeste returned to the U.S. and decided to start a business while becoming first time parents at the same time, they inevitably would need some support. Richard & Linda show up everyday with high energy, endless support, and a willingness to help wherever possible. Richard is a retired Mortgage & Loan Originator, and Linda a retired voice professor, teacher, and music faculty of UWGB. In their spare time, they love spending time in their gorgeous garden and getting lost in play with their four grandchildren.