Season 4 • The Sourdough Society
Season 4 • The Sourdough Society
Season 4 • The Sourdough Society
Season 4 • The Sourdough Society
Season 4 • The Sourdough Society
Season 4 • The Sourdough Society

Season 4 • The Sourdough Society

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{ Season 4 launching August 2024 } 

A bread club for the real sourdough enthusiasts

The third season of the Voyageurs Bakehouse sourdough bread club is here: The Sourdough Society.

Over this 12-week, 6 feature sourdough series, you’ll join a community of sourdough enthusiasts who want to be closer to their food and the people who make it. You’ll get to dive deeper into your knowledge and enjoyment of 6 loaves of bread and gain hands-on experience learning about what makes sourdough truly special. 

OVERVIEW: As a Sourdough Society Member, you'll receive... 

  1. 6 loaves of sourdough bread over a 12-week period. It’s 1 feature every-other week over the course of 12 weeks. You choose your pickup day of Wednesday or Friday for the entire season. (Value: $65)

  2. Exclusive access to the Voyageurs co-Founders in a private Facebook Group.

  3. Invitation to an exclusive MEET THE BAKERS event at the Green Bay Bakehouse. You get 2 tickets to this event, so bring a partner or friend! (Value: $70)

  4. Sourdough starter package so you can learn to make sourdough at home. (Value: $30)

TOTAL VALUE: $165 -- but when purchased as a Society Membership, it's only $75

DETAILS: Take a closer look at what you get!

Here is an example of the 6-week outline from Season 3.  

1) 6 Loaves of Sourdough selected by the Voyageurs Baking Team

    • Week 1: Wed January 31 or Fri February 2 • Seeded Crown
      A new and unique combination of seeds crafted into our Country loaf, then shaped to open the center and baked into a crown. This unique shape of a loaf gives you opportunity to enjoy it in multiple different uses. 

    • Week 2: Wed February 14 or Fri February 16 •  Bakers' Choice
    • Week 3: Wed February 28 or Fri March 1 • 100% Einkorn Wheat
      New to the Voyageurs Bakehouse line up, this 100% whole Einkorn wheat loaf is made from a unique ancient grain grown here in Wisconsin. It has a naturally sweet flavor that is versatile to use as open faced sandwiches or as little toasts. 
  • Week 4: Wed March 13 or Fri March 15 • Sourdough Challah of Zopf
    This buttery soft sourdough braided loaf is made from white flour, milk, eggs, butter and sourdough starter. It is typically brushed with egg yolk, egg wash, or milk before baking, lending it its golden crust. It is baked in the form of a plait and traditionally eaten on Sunday mornings.

  • Week 5: Wed March 27 or Fri March 29 • Smoked Rye
    A unique new loaf that is made by toasting and smoking rye berries. When mixed into the dough, this lends a rich mahogany depth of flavor to a loaf. Think of this loaf similar to our Marbled Rye, but with a unique flavor profile. 

  • Week 6: Wed April 10 or Fri April 12 • Bakers' Choice

2) Exclusive access to the Voyageurs co-Founders 

That's us - Ben & Celeste! We'll invite you to the Sourdough Society private Facebook Group. In here you'll get to meet other sourdough enthusiasts, ask us direct questions about your sourdough, and receive exclusive content.

3) Invitation for you and a friend to a private MEET THE BAKERS event at the Green Bay Bakehouse (Value of $70)
At the end of the season in April, you'll be invited to join us for an exclusive event at the Green Bay Bakehouse for Society members only, where you'll get the chance to meet the Voyageurs baking team and learn more about the bread making process.

4) Sourdough Starter Package (Value of $30)
At the Meet The Bakers event, you’ll also get to bring home all the essentials for making your first loaf of Country sourdough (one starter package per membership). This includes a portion of sourdough starter from our mother starter Jude, our signature Country Loaf recipe, and a container of all the grains. At this event we’ll walk you through how to make your loaf, including a demonstration of hand mixing and shaping.



Can I change my pickup day after I register or half way through? 
No. The pickup day you select will remain the same throughout the entirety of the series. If you are out of town or unable to pick up your bread on your selected Wednesday or Friday, please send someone to pick up the loaf on your behalf. 

If I don’t like the one of the features, will I be able to choose a different loaf or receive a refund? 
The Sourdough Society is for those who are excited to explore the world of sourdough and try new breads. If there’s a loaf that doesn’t suit you, perhaps give it to a neighbor, or reinvent it into a savory bread pudding or egg bake. We will not offer refunds or loaf swaps. 

What if I forget to pickup my bread? 
If you forget to pick up your bread on a Wednesday or Friday, we'll give you a call and hold it in the Bakehouse for you until the next day. If you do not pick up, or have someone pick up on your behalf, within 2 days, then you'll forfeit that weeks pickup item. 

Why is Season 3 cheaper than Season 1 and 2?
This season we decided to reduce the number of features to 6, when prior seasons was 8 features. Season 3 features all sourdough bread products, whereas season 2 featured pastry as well which added additional cost. 

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