When I first became a mom, all I wanted was...

When I first became a mom, all I wanted was...

Late on Sunday night, I was feeling inspired.

I was catching up on messages from the Voyageurs team over the last couple of days, and thinking about all this wonderful change and expansion in my life.

New baby. Expanding business. Continual change. 

With our new baby girl, Flora Cadman, joining our family, I found myself reflecting on who I want to be for my children and the impact I want to have in our community where they'll grow up.

In that reflection, a message about kindness, acceptance, and inclusivity came forth. 

Ben and I became first-time parents and entrepreneurs pretty much at the same time. Our first daughter was born just a few weeks before Voyageurs' first appearance at a Farmers Market in 2018. 

Being parents has taught us a LOT... But I’ll save the full novel for another day. 😉

However, one of the things I’ve learned is that parenthood can feel alienating in the early days... especially if you don’t have a “circle” and are fumbling through each day just doing your best.

When I first became a mom, all I wanted was a place I could go to grab a coffee for my frazzled, exhausted mind, treat my soul with a delicious pastry, openly feed my baby, and not feel like I had to leave if she started screaming.

Maybe you know the looks... 👀

“Can’t you quiet that baby down!?”

I had hoped we were past the days of "children are to be seen, not heard," but my experience has shown me we’re not quite there yet.

So when deciding how to use our space in the Bakehouse, we made a choice to dedicate space to children. A place they could be seen AND heard. A place to play and collaborate with other kids... Maybe even learn to share?! 🤪

And perhaps give you a chance to meet someone new while the kiddos play. Maybe a new friend, or even just someone who makes you feel heard and understood.

Bottom line — It’s really about inclusivity.
Putting a play kitchen and table for kids in the space is an obvious way to say...

“Your child is accepted here.”

But that inclusivity and acceptance goes beyond kids. We strive to be a place that is inclusive to all and hope that this intention speaks to you when you walk through our doors. We hope that when you walk into the Bakehouse you feel... 

"You are accepted here." 

We all have our different ways in the world. At Voyageurs we're here to foster a special community and tribe. A tribe that is united together in one common goal: 

To gather around the table with people you love, sharing high-quality artisan bread, pastry, and coffee that brings joy to your heart and those around you. 

You do you. Live and let be. And together let’s do good in the world.

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