Find Voyageurs Sourdough on the shelves of Festival Foods!

Find Voyageurs Sourdough on the shelves of Festival Foods!

Today feels like a day to be celebrated. 

It marks the first day that you can find Voyageurs Bakehouse sourdough bread in all Festival Foods stores in Greater Green Bay.

If Ben, who started baking sourdough at home in 2015, had told me that someday our bread would be in a major Wisconsin grocery store…

I probably wouldn’t have believed him.

We've been working on this partnership for over 12 months. And while we chose to delay a few times based on various circumstances, today felt like a big accomplishment to see our bread on Festival’s shelves.

When Ben and I first started brainstorming the idea of creating a partnership with Festival, we discussed two main goals: 

1. To provide more convenience for you

We've known there are many customers who cannot make it to the Bakehouse during our regular hours.

Kicking off our partnership with Festival Foods means you’ll now be able to purchase our bread at the convenience of Festival’s hours.

We deliver to all five Greater Green Bay Festival stores on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, with our goal to be doing daily deliveries as popularity grows. 

2. To support the business in its seasonality 

While we've received an overwhelmingly positive number of comments and congratulations on this partnership through Facebook and Instagram, the honest truth is that this winter has been really challenging on our business.

Absolutely, it's a huge accomplishment to have created a product that a locally driven business like Festival Foods would want to stock on its shelves. We must stop to acknowledge that. 

But the next layer of hard work starts now…

How do we help more people learn about Voyageurs sourdough through our partnership with Festival?

We're only two years in as a Bakehouse, and those two years have been during a global pandemic. Needless to say it's been pretty tricky to discover our seasonality trends.

January, February and March of 2022 have shown us a more realistic picture of the challenges that come during these post-holiday winter months.

I always like to ask this question:

"If Voyageurs Bakehouse was sitting here and could talk to us, what would the business say it needs?"

The most intuitive and data driven answer we hear the Bakehouse saying is that it needs to create strong wholesale partnerships for long term sustainability. 

So there it is friends! Voyageurs bread on the shelves of Festival Foods. Complete with new labels, nutritional facts and all!

Now with this launch, I have one big favor to ask…

Will you head over to your nearest Festival Foods and grab a loaf this week?!

Find our bread at any of the locations below:

🌈 Lineville Road in Suamico
🌈 Mason in Green Bay
🌈 Main Ave in W. De Pere
🌈 Steffens Ct in Bellevue
🌈 University Ave in Green Bay

Every day we take action to beat the odds of a startup business. I understand why people say it's so hard. 

And it's also the most rewarding path I've ever walked down (after being a mom of course!).

Thank you for continuing to choose to be here with us as we navigate this journey of building a Bakehouse.

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