Musings of a Bakehouse Mind

Musings of a Bakehouse Mind
I’ve been thinking about what to say.
The holidays felt like an open loop.
  • I didn’t complete the 12 Days of Holiday deals, as some of you may have noticed.
  • We didn’t post a heartfelt thank you, even though our hearts were overwhelmed with gratitude.
  • We closed the Appleton location last week without any explanation of why.
It’s not like us. Maybe no one noticed these things, but I did.
As we close out 2021, I want to close this open loop.
A part to this story that hasn’t been told is that during our busiest week of the year leading up to Christmas, we were struggling being short some core team members with covid taking people out.
It felt really hard. And our already exhausted team had even more stress on their shoulders.
Advice I will always give a friend is to allow yourself to feel all the emotions. The good, the bad. To not always feel like you have to immediately find the silver lining.
I finally took my own advice.
… “This. sucks. so. bad.” …
It’s all I could say for 24 hours. (Even though I always know things could be worse, and I have privilege.) I just had to let myself feel the hard.
We made it through Christmas Eve. WIN.
We got to see the magic in our daughters eyes on Christmas Day. WIN WIN.
Then I got sick, despite testing negative every day before Christmas. And our little family has been quarantined since Christmas. (Everyone is healthy and well now).
This all lead to then our third time since opening the Bakehouse that we’ve had to close our doors due to covid. (GB in March 2020 & August 2021, Appleton in December 2021)
I’m writing to close this loop, perhaps for myself, but more importantly I wanted to share my empathy with others who are really struggling.

... Having to close your business.
... Having to go without pay.
... Having to be alone during the holidays.
... Feeling jaded and mad and hopeless.
... Having to make super hard decisions out of highest integrity.
I see you.
Nothing could have prepared any of us for this.
And yet, we will RISE. One day at a time.
With more tenacity than ever before.
Hello 2022.


  • Bethany

    This message gave me all the chills! I love the vulnerability and honesty you posted here…we all feel alone in our worst times, but we’re not. Thanks for sharing. <3

  • Sue Dausey Smith

    I was born and raised here 78 years ago. Husband and moved to AZ 2017. Missed family friends and this wonderful city so just moved back. While here during summer as AZ us to hot we enjoyed your bread. So excited to be home and to have your bread again. Called to late today for bread but have my order in for tomorrow.
    Was so sorry to read your blog today about having to close due Covid. Glad
    you made it though and wish you your staff a bang up 2022.

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