HOW TO • Take & Bake: Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls

HOW TO • Take & Bake: Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls

Our take & bake cinnamon rolls come un-proofed and should be kept in the refrigerator until you're ready to begin the proofing process outlined in step 1. We suggest beginning the proofing process either the same day or the day after you receive the rolls. Note the process takes 14-18 hours, so the time you begin step 1 will depend on when you want to enjoy your cinnamon rolls in the morning.

Step 1: Begin Proofing around 5pm (8pm latest)
Remove the tray of cinnamon rolls from the refrigerator and place them in a warm (70 to 75 degrees), draft free place in your kitchen. Keep the lid on the baking pan. Leave them here for 14 to 18 hours.

Step 2: Pre-Bake
Pre-heat your oven to 380F. Remove the paper lid, and make sure the rolls have risen to fill the baking pan. If they haven’t, they may need more time to rise. You'll want to move them to a slightly warmer area (no warmer than 78F) for another hour or so until they've risen to fill the tin.

Step 3: Bake & Prepare Glaze
Bake the cinnamon rolls for 22 to 25 minutes until they are golden brown on top and your kitchen starts to smell of the sweet scent of cinnamon and sugar! While your rolls bake, gently warm the glaze in a pan on medium-low heat. Do not allow to boil (this will cause the glaze to split).

Step 4: Finish & Enjoy!
As soon as the rolls are finished baking, use a pastry brush to glaze the top of your buns! If you don’t have a pastry brush, drizzle the glaze with a spoon. These sourdough cinnamon rolls are best enjoyed warm! The rolls will keep for a couple days well wrapped. Reheat for a few minutes in the oven at 350F for best results.

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