Cranberry & Brie Tartines

Cranberry & Brie Tartines

When you hear the word "tartine," what comes to mind? You might think of Tartine Bakery in San Francisco, or the time you ordered a savory ham & gruyère tartine at a quaint cafe in France. Or, like many of us, you may not be familiar with the word at all.

The term tartine is a French word that describes any open-faced sandwich, and it is a commonly found on breakfast and lunch menus throughout Europe. 

We love tartines for three main reasons:

  1. They're simple enough that you can pull a couple ingredients from your pantry or refrigerator and have a delicious dish ready in a few minutes.
  2. They can be served for breakfast, lunch, or as an appetizer.
  3. They are a crowd pleaser!

When it comes to planning a holiday menu, we all know it's helpful to have a few items that tick all of these boxes. So we wanted to share a few tartine ideas that you can serve your guests this holiday season.

The recipe below is one we recently shared as a team at the Bakehouse, but if this Thanksgiving-themed tartine doesn't suit you, continue reading for other ideas! 

Cranberry & Brie Tartines


1 sourdough baguette, sliced diagonally 
8 oz triple cream brie cheese
8 oz cranberry sauce (like this one)
2 tsp orange zest
2 tsp fresh thyme


  1. Pre-heat oven to 350F. Place baguette slices on a cookie sheet. Slice brie into wedges and place one wedge on each baguette slice.

  2. Toast in the oven for 3 to 5 minutes until brie is slightly melted.

  3. Top brie with a spoonful of cranberry sauce, and sprinkle with orange zest and thyme. Serve immediately.

Interested in other ideas?

Try the combinations below that feature a few of our other breads and partner products: 

If you serve tartines this holiday season, let us know what flavor combinations you created in the comments below.

Thank you for your support this time of year. We wish you a warm and loving holiday season.

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