Ditching Resolutions 🠖 Setting Intentions

Ditching Resolutions 🠖 Setting Intentions

The end of 2020 is here. And as we're all saying... what a year it was!

We've been reflecting on how we want to rise into 2021, and part of rising is also looking at what we need to let go of in 2020. Since 2020 was challenging on so many levels, we've made a little 2021 Cheat Sheet with a few inspirational intentions as we step into the new year (scroll down to see things we're "letting go" & "Inviting in" for 2021).

And it's all about setting INTENTIONS... not making resolutions.

The truth is, I no longer believe in setting New Year's resolutions. In the past, making resolutions has been a sure-fire way to set myself up for failure. Plus they create unnecessary pressure around things that often aren't the key items that will help me elevate to the next level. 

Do any of my past resolutions sound similar to any of yours?

  • Get a raise
  • Lose weight
  • Be happier
  • Meditate more
  • Get organized 
  • Save more money
Resolutions are often tied to things we feel we "should" do, but we're not as committed to actually doing them. They often lack specificity and the positive energy that helps us get to the core of accomplishing what we truly want. 

So I've ditched resolutions and traded them in for setting intentions. Who's with me? 🙋

The big difference? An intention is a positive guiding principle for how you want to be, live, experience, feel, and show up in the world. It takes daily thought, action, and habit change. 

I always ask myself if what I'm writing as my intention is specific to the feelings I want to feel, and why I want those feelings. I've learned to focus on feelings instead of things. 

This small shift in the energy of words makes a big difference for me. I'm sharing this today because maybe this resonates with you as well as we head into the new year. 

✖️ Ditching resolutions       ✔️ Setting intentions

So here is our 2021 Cheat Sheet with a few things we're saying goodbye to from 2020, and some guiding principles and intentions that we are shining our light on for 2021: 

For the Voyageurs team, one of the ways we’re putting these guiding principles into practice is by using them to help answer the question…  

"How do I want to RISE into 2021?"

There are so many ways we want to continue to evolve, rise, and learn as business owners. As we look forward to this year, one of the ways we see ourselves rising is through expansion, both as individuals and as a business. And we look forward to sharing more on this in the coming months!

How about you? Does "letting go" and "inviting in" resonate with you? Are there any words on the Cheat Sheet that stand out? We'd love to hear your intentions or inspirations for the new year in the comments below.

Thank you for continuing to journey with us. We are truly grateful to be rising into the new year together.   

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