Bread Prepared with Love and Intention

Bread Prepared with Love and Intention

The craft of sourdough is a labor of love. A love that perhaps only a sourdough baker knows.

Sure, there is a deep love for eating a loaf of sourdough... and no doubt this can be deep. But the complete knowledge of the process gives a baker a different kind of appreciation for the bread.

Like any relationship, this love grows over time as it keeps me constantly intrigued and mesmerized. It continues to amaze me that when 3 simple ingredients (flour, water, and salt) are paired with patience, love, and time... they transform into something truly incredible and unique. The learning and discovery that sourdough offers is never-ending.

It’s our belief that we can help bring people together through high-quality artisan sourdough. Now, I have a big claim to make. And it's what I feel is the soul of our bread.

I deeply believe that the thoughts and energy put into any food can transform the way it tastes and how it feels in your body.

I believe that if someone prepares food with a negative, angry or depressed attitude, it doesn't taste as good. Perhaps it might even give one an uneasy feeling. I think that people can sense when food is prepared with love. It's a common sixth sense for those who share this belief.

Positive intention and love are infused into all aspects of the bread-making process by our team. There are many of us in the Bakehouse who have our hands either in the dough or on the bread every day. These are the beautiful loaves you enjoy every week.

This is a big responsibility. 

And as a breadmaker, I believe it is my responsibility to bring good energy to the dough every day. If I’ve been triggered by something or feel tense, I step away from the dough. Take a few breaths - clear my mind - then return.

This is a shared value that we discuss with every person who joins the team, as it must be practiced in every area of the business. As we grow and add touchpoints to our baked goods, we are dedicated to see that this value grows in congruence, and we seek to create daily opportunities to do so in the Bakeouse.

Are we all perfect at doing this? No, of course not. But as with any personal value and intention, it takes practice and dedication.

I think that mindfully preparing food with love and positive intention is a meaningful practice and productive use of time. Taking the time to be truly present with the ingredients and the process of preparing food nurtures the body and mind.

Try it this week. Mindfully chop, smell the ingredients, and watch them transform with the element of heat. If nothing else, you'll turn your food preparation process into a mindful, meditative practice instead of a rushed "gotta get it done" sort of thing.

I’ve had people tell me they can feel the love that goes into our bread. This is perhaps the greatest compliment I’ve received about our bread. I believe the world needs more love and small moments of joy, and this is one way I can help make a positive impact - one loaf at a time.

We'd love to bring a moment of joy into your home this week with a freshly baked loaf of bread that has been prepared with love and intention. Click below 👇 to browse our pre-reservation menu and get what you want, when you want it!

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