Artistry in Pastry

Artistry in Pastry

"I felt like an artist coming back to her studio...

I felt like a family member coming home..."

These words were shared by a true poet herself, Crystal Brown. Crystal is part of the Voyageurs pastry team and recently came back from a two-week foraging retreat in Montana.  

You've heard us say it before... 

Hustle Hard. Reflect Hard. Rest Hard. 

It's something we believe in and encourage our team to practice as well. It's one of the reasons we offer paid time off to our team members. We want to make sure it’s an easy decision for them to take time to reflect and rest. It's one of the ways we make sure we’re accountable to walk our talk.

After Crystal's first full day back in the Bakehouse, she shared a beautifully written post on her personal social media. With Crystal's permission, I wanted to share it with you today:

"I felt like an artist coming back to her studio...

I felt like a family member coming home...

Today I headed into the Bakehouse, just short of running to the door. The smells, the sounds of my people coming through the door.

It was so good to see them, to give and get hugs, to tell stories. I started to tear up when I saw on the pastry whiteboard, that Bonnie was keeping track of the days until my return.

There has been so much reflection as I’ve come home in this last day... and so much clarity.

I had some amazing, altering experiences out west. They triggered feelings of excitement and adventure.

There’s a moment when you get caught up in it and need to center and sort out what is feeling, what is fact, what is your path.

I had mirrors held up to me by some of my dearests, many who held space and listened in.

There are moments when I am back in my home... my true home... the one I’ve searched for so long.

When I see this community sometimes, I envision a blank canvas, waiting for the artist to paint upon it.

I was told by a friend this evening at dinner that there just needs to be some brushes...

I have brushes.

And I finally realized they are in my hands and I know how to use them...

And it’s time to paint."

~ Crystal Brown
Voyageurs Pastry Team & Passionate Forager

To see a team member express in her own words the way she embraces her job and craft in such alignment with our own mission is truly remarkable as a business owner. 

Thanks to the craft-womanship of Crystal and Bonnie, our pastry program has excelled quickly and professionally while maintaining love and intention.  

It's rare. I cherish it. I know we're lucky. 

These women are two artists painting on a pastry canvas that offers a rich & unique experience to our customers. And the best part is that they care and truly love what they do. The same goes for our bread team.

So next time you order a loaf of bread or pastry from Voyageurs, you can remember these words from the great Pablo Picasso, "Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." 

May Voyageurs bread and pastry be the art that allows you to breathe with a different kind of happiness. 

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