Business Operations Updates, March 23rd, 2020

It is most certainly unprecedented times to navigate, and we are doing our best to think on our feet and navigate a young business and new team through these challenging times. 

Here are a summary of changes and updates:


1️⃣ Online Pre-Reservation Orders Only: 
As of today, Monday March 23rd, we are streamlining our menu and offering pre-paid online orders ONLY for curbside pickup or delivery, until further notice.

We will have a bake day menu up for delivery / curbside pickup every Wednesday - Saturday. You can visit our website to see what days are available. We will always have at least 4 days ahead listed on the website. 

The menus will be similar from day to day, and if they change or we feature something new, we will share with you here in email or in social media (Facebook & Instagram). 

So how does this change things compared to how it used to be?
  • Pre-reservation only. This helps with daily planning, and to ensure that from a business operations perspective we are baking and preparing exactly what is ordered.
  • Pre-paid only. There is no longer an option to pay with cash upon delivery or pickup. This is to eliminate any exchanges during this time, and we will continue with this policy moving forward.

2️⃣ Curbside Pickup Hours: 
Until further notice, our doors will be closed to the public. (But we can't wait to announce when they get to open again!) Therefore, you can do a curbside pickup only.

  • 9:00am - 1:00pm
  • Wednesday - Saturday, Depending on which bake day you ordered for
This is helpful to us as a business for you to choose this option. Call us when you are outside, and we will bring you your pre-reserved items. (920) 234-8060. Google Maps here, Pickup is on North Broadway. 

3️⃣ Delivery Fee for orders under $25: 
The time has come for us to begin charging for our home delivery service. However, we know that many of you love this delivery service, so we have decided to waive the delivery charge for orders of $25.00 or more.

For orders $25 or less, there will be a $3 delivery fee applied to your order. 

With the added items on the menu, you'll be able to waive that delivery charge with other goodies to bring your cart total above $25.00. This has been something we've needed to do for the financial health of the business, and with the changing times, it has become a very pertinent update. This will be added shortly.