Following the Breadcrumbs to Success: Interview on The GlowJo Podcast

Following the Breadcrumbs to Success: Interview on The GlowJo Podcast

Things can happen so quickly when we’re aligned and paying attention to what fits and what flows.

I had the privilege of being interviewed by my dear friend, Leanne Kallal on her new podcast: The GlowJo.


In this interview, I get to share about the incredible and magical transformation I've experienced in my life over the last 3 years. We talk about that feeling of experiencing flow and authentic growth when we’re in alignment.

Flow can happen over an afternoon. We can have a 5 hour period of flow and feel like we’re crushing it in our career!

But what if flow could stretch for longer than just a few hours? What if flow was something that pulled together all areas of our life?

What if flow meant more than just a productive afternoon?

“Follow the doors that continue to open.”

It’s so easy to overcomplicate our ideas, but when we follow the doors that open, it helps us keep our heads up and looking at the big picture instead of being bogged down in the details.

Lean into why you are doing what you’re doing. Lean into your community. Lean into the energy that you are bringing into the world.

If you’re looking to make a pivot in your career or to pursue a new passion, this episode is for you!

In the episode, we discuss:

  • Big Life Events can serve as a catalyst for positive change.
  • Getting clear on your non-negotiables.
  • Looking for the open door and paying attention to the opportunity you’re being guided to.
  • How to tune into the fear and see if you can learn something from it.
  • Training yourself to see the positive and the opportunity that exists in any given moment.
  • Plus, more!

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  • Cate Brandt

    Wonderful podcast! Very thought-provoking and inspiring. Have been purchasing your products weekly at The Free Market in Appleton. Absolutely the best, with your wonderful stories blended in to your breads. Thank you!

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