A reason, a season or a lifetime?

A reason, a season or a lifetime?

A reason, a season or a lifetime... 

This has been a phrase I've been reflecting on a lot lately. 

Running a business like Voyageurs has helped me to learn to become increasingly neutral and sometimes detached. 

Detached to outcomes, neutral to exactly how something is achieved, detached to people, detached to needing to be right. 

In my twenties, I studied a lot from a book called the I-Ching. It spoke a lot about finding "inter-independence". Which in short, to me has meant finding neutrality and peace within both amazing situations, and challenging ones. It has helped me try not to hold on to anything too tight, although still impossible for me in certain scenarios. 

So anyway, what does this phrase mean to me right now... 

A reason, a season or a lifetime.

We've been needing to take a good look at areas of our business and evaluate these areas with detachment and neutrality when considering our path forward. 

This is not always easy and it has meant making some challenging decisions lately in order to ensure that our business is here for longer than just a "season". 

One of those things we've needed to make a decision on is our home delivery service. And that decision has been to close our home delivery service for the foreseeable future. 

Why? Well although this was an integral part to us getting Voyageurs off the ground back in 2018, it is not a sustainable arm of our business. When we launched the business in 2018, we asked ourselves the question: 

"How do we get freshly baked bread into as many people's homes in Green Bay as possible without a store?" 

The answer was clear: Deliver it for free to their home while the bread is still warm!

This was perfect while it lasted. It allowed us to introduce many people to our product. That was all before opening our 1st brick & mortar location in Green Bay. 

Then comes March 2020... Bakehouse Grand Opening & a global pandemic. 

No one could've ever foreseen that timing. 

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  • Cat Rydzewski

    Stopped in for the first time yesterday—-this place is AMAZING!!! I am totally obsessed with quality bakery. Bought a loaf of the olive sourdough, so damn good! Can’t wait to return and try something from both your food and drink menus!

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