5 Tips for Thoughtful Gifting

5 Tips for Thoughtful Gifting

The Holidays. Does this time of year bring you joy or stress you out? 

It's a time that can be full of joy, magical moments, and big belly laughs. 

But the holidays can also have feelings of scarcity, grief, exhaustion or even resentment. 

If I'm honest with you, it brings me both types of feelings. We all feel the tension. The commercialization versus the simple joy of togetherness. The presents versus the presence. 

Whatever you are feeling about the holidays as you read this, I sincerely hope that spending 5 minutes reading this post will bring you more joy than you had when you started.

Whether you are looking for gifts for your family, neighbors, friends, or business, here are my…

5 Tips for Thoughtful Gifting 

1. Give an experience 

One of my personal measurements of success and happiness is measured by positive memorable experiences. These experiences include moments of feeling loved, and moments when I make others feel loved. Can you picture that moment when you give someone something and see the sparkle in their eyes that says, "I feel loved?"

Gifting experiences are not only a way to create positive memories for others, but can also be a way to support local businesses at the holidays. 

IDEA ❣️ Bring someone to the Bakehouse for a coffee date. Treat them to a cappuccino and Almond Croissant or Sourdough Cinnamon Roll. Sip your coffee and tell this person what you respect and admire about them. You'll most definitely create a memorable experience. 

2. Present it beautifully 

Wrapping a gift is about so much more than ensuring the element of surprise for the recipient. Thoughtful wrapping adds a beautiful personal touch to the art of gift-giving—one that tells a dear friend or loved one that you put your heart into every step of the process.

IDEA ❣️Let us do the gift wrapping for you. Order an item on our holiday menu that comes wrapped and give an experience AND beautiful thoughtful wrapping. 

3. Give your time 

In a world where everyone is always "busy,” giving your time can mean so much. Maybe you’re feeling tight with the budget or you’re retired and have extra time to give. Consider sharing your skills with someone… think massage, gardening, house projects, make them dinner, or babysit their kids! 

IDEA ❣️ Give someone you know a couple hours of babysitting time and treat them to a kid-free date to the Bakehouse (and perhaps a small gift card too). Clearly an idea coming from a mom! 

4. Personalize it 

Personalization in gifting is important. When you give something extra thoughtful, you’re saying to that person, “You are someone special to me; I have gotten to know you, and this is a little something I thought you might like.”

IDEA ❣️ Explore the shelves at the Bakehouse and pick out a little something to go along with a loaf of bread that is unique to the person you’re buying for. There are things like handcrafted candles, bread knives, bread bags, handmade bookmarks, various meats and cheeses, jams, olive oil and more!

5. Be someone's Santa

No no... I don't mean dressing up in a big red suit and putting on a fake beard. I mean being that moment of magic and surprise for someone. When gifting, I try to think about how I can sprinkle in extra little magic. It might be as simple as a handmade card, or surprising them with a little something when it is least expected. Little random acts of kindness are a great way to be someone's Santa and tell them that they are special and valued.

IDEA ❣️ Pickup a little something from the Bakehouse – a loaf of bread and jam or a box of pastry and coffee – and deliver it to a friend, acquaintance or stranger! They won’t be expecting it and will undoubtedly feel seen and loved.

I hope that what I promised in the beginning of this post was true... 

That you have more joy now than when you started reading. 

Together let's sprinkle magic around our community this holiday season with simple yet thoughtful gifting while remembering the joy of togetherness.

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