5 Steps to Bliss

5 Steps to Bliss

Little moments of bliss. 

It's so easy to get caught up in the day to day. 

You know the drill... rushing out the door in the morning, catching up on all the emails, meeting after meeting, figuring out what's for dinner, cleaning the dishes... 

Sometimes it all can feel overwhelming and exhausting. 

And you know what?! You deserve to have little moments of bliss in between! And lots of them. 

Sometimes creating a little moment of bliss is more about seeing our everyday moments with a different lens. 

That first sip of a warm cup of coffee. ☕ Blissful. Walking to your car with the sun shining on your face. ☀️ Blissful. Cutting into a fresh loaf of sourdough. 🍞 BLISSFUL

Here's a quick 5 step tutorial on achieving a moment of bliss wherever you might find yourself this week. 


Head over to your nearest Voyageurs Bakehouse (Green Bay or Appleton) and pick up a loaf of sourdough. Soak up the vibes and smells while you’re there.


Place your sourdough on your favorite wooden cutting board, appreciate the colors of contrast in the bread, and admire your favorite cutting board.

If you seek to see it, you can find a little bliss in the simple yet beautiful visual moments in front of you. 

STEP 3 ✨
Lay a hand on the bread as you slice through the crumb. Feel the texture of the crust with your hand; the rustic nature of a handcrafted loaf of sourdough. 

Slice through the middle of the loaf and take a short moment to smell the aroma of a freshly baked sourdough loaf. Look at the crumb and appreciate the open texture. 

STEP 4 ✨
Turn one half on its side with the crumb facing down. Then slice the bread by cutting through the crust end. You’ll have more control and achieve more even slices. 

As you slice through the loaf, notice the contrast of the soft and tender crumb against the crispy crust. Appreciate all of the little crumbs that fly around your counter and onto your floor; a sign of a true rustic artisan loaf.

STEP 5 ✨
Grab your softened high quality butter (you can order our favorite here) and lather it on a slice. Then sprinkle a few sea salt flakes on top, take a snapshot in your mind, and dive in. 

You’ve now arrived at your moment of bliss.

Enjoy this simple moment and the pure joy that comes from savoring every little bite of sourdough. 

Slice, admire, eat. REPEAT. 

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