The Bakehouse

The Art of Being A Real Bread Lover

Thank you for your contribution to our Kickstarter Campaign! 

Your support and belief in our business has allowed us to take Voyageurs Sourdough to the next level. The oven is on it's way, and the Bakehouse is estimated to open by end of January 2020. 

As a backer to our Kickstarter campaign, you earned the reward of our brand new e-book: "The Art of Being A Real Bread Lover". 

This is a 50-page in-depth look at all things sourdough including: 

  • A detailed look at the process of making a loaf of Voyageurs Sourdough 
  • The story of how Voyageurs was started, and the vision for the future 
  • Getting the most out of a loaf of bread; storage, cutting and uses
  • A deeper look at the grains that are used in Voyageurs bread 
  • 8 recipes of how to use and make Voyageurs Sourdough
  • PLUS we're giving you the recipe for our Signature Country loaf. 

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An experiential Bakehouse & Cafe


Now more than ever, we are being called to gather around the table as a family, as a community. 

The table is where we are brought together to come up with new ideas, let people know they are loved, and share big laughs. 

Bread has been bringing people around the table for centuries. Voyageurs Sourdough is a symbol of coming together and celebrating.


Our goal is for Voyageurs Sourdough to be Green Bay's leading bakery for European style sourdough, pastries, and other baked goods. By serving up European style coffee and inspired menus, our customers will get to adventure through their taste buds while sitting in a cozy cafe, or in their homes.

We want to be the first bakery to come back downtown and bring the bakery heartbeat back to the city center of Green Bay.

We plan on doing this by: 

• Creating a warm and inviting yet minimalist cafe space, 
• Continuing to create high-quality products with consistency
• Being the leader in European style hand-crafted, artisan bread, pastries, cakes, and coffee
• Continuing great customer service and fun marketing. 
• Paying close attention to the details and infuse everything with magic.



This is more than just a place that bread is baked.

It is a place that embraces creativity, celebrates our differences and seeks commonalty.

It is a place that radiates positive energy and attracts the same through its doors.

When you spend your day doing something you truly love, it is no longer work.

It is a passion and lifestyle. We have chosen an open concept to allow people to see and experience this energy for themselves.



It's the heartbeat to the Bakehouse. It breathes a warm life into the bread and takes it from a raw living fermentation to an edible masterpiece that nourishes your body and senses.

The oven, imported from Germany, will be the centerpiece to the Bakehouse.

This new oven will allow us to:

• Bake at least 400 loaves a day, which means we can expand to Appleton, supermarkets, and meet the growing demand for deliveries and farmers’ markets.

• Bake new types of bread that many of our you have been asking for. Bring on the croissants, focaccia, brioche and cinnamon buns!

• Bake with more efficiency and consistency.

We hope the oven will spark conversations between strangers and encourage the curiosity of the products it makes.




Special Saturday morning date
. Done. A quick lunch out with your colleagues. Come on in! A place to meet up with a mom-friend, be our guest and bring your littles with you too!

Voyageurs Sourdough Cafe has both dine-in and take out options, crafted with the highest quality ingredients and care of preparation.

It's nourishing to all senses from what you see on your plate, to the ambiance and energy around you. Yet we haven't forgotten the options for indulgence on those days that you just need to treat yourself. 


Grab a quick bite to eat from the take out menu. Options for open-faced sandwiches that pack a flavorful punch, yet nourish your body.

Pair that with an energizer of your choice. One day that's a green smoothie and another day it's a coffee. The options are there for you.

Whatever your elixir of choice, we promise it will be simple, yet made with love and fresh ingredients.

If you're tight on time, or maybe you've got a baby in the backseat sleeping, but want a healthy lunch... text us your order! Use our App to order, and one of our runners will bring it out to your car.

This is perfect for those cold winter days when you still want your coffee and pastry on the way to work!


In the creative process of designing the floor plan, and using our look book, we've been able to visualize a powerful and exciting reality. As you can see, this is more than just a bakehouse.

By bringing in soft natural textures, paired with the industrial feel of concrete that our space has to offer, our goal is to give people a comfortable space that is just different enough to be novel, exciting and cool. Yes, cool.





The Bakehouse Look Book is a collection of images that we've used to visualize and inspire our space. These are not exact images of what you'll see in our space when finished, but you'll be able to get a sense of what we strive to create. 



  • Tartine Bakery | San Francisco, CA
  • Petite Passport 
  • Blue Bottle Coffee Co. | Oakland, CA
  • Hanks | Austin, TX
  • Kaikado | Kyoto, Japan

What do you think? Are you ready to see this become a reality here in Green Bay? Leave us a comment!