Your Guide to Oktoberfest 2020 ūüćļ

Your Guide to Oktoberfest 2020 ūüćļ

It's the second week of (what would normally be) Oktoberfest... however, this global event looks quite different this year compared to the past. 

Held in Munich, Bavaria, Germany, Oktoberfest is the world's largest beer festival and traveling funfair. It's a 16-18 day folk-festival that goes from the end of September to the first Sunday in October. This year, it's been canceled. 

Although there are still Oktoberfest celebrations happening around the globe, today we have a few tips on how to make your Oktoberfest 2020 special, safe & delicious. 


Introducing Part 9 of the Baker's Series: 
Sourdough Pretzels by Ben Cadman

As I carefully considered what I would do for my Baker's Series this year... the timing turned out that it was right during Oktoberfest. So I thought, "What could I share with my fellow friends, Oktoberfest fans, & Real bread lovers of Green Bay that is special and meaningful to me?"

The answer was glaringly obvious. 

Sourdough Pretzels 
>> Pre-Reserve your pack of 4 sourdough pretzels today! PLUS get 2 complimentary house-made mustards for dipping. >> 

I wanted to really challenge myself this year with my Baker's series and do something that was totally outside of my comfort zone. With (a lot of) extra nudging from Celeste, Sourdough pretzels it was. I love to continue to challenge myself as a bread-maker, and this was a great learning process indeed! In the end, I'm very pleased with the results. 

This year you‚Äôll find me celebrating Oktoberfest at home with a 6-pack of beersūüćĽ, some Wei√üwurst (traditional Bavarian white sausage), and a bunch of these sourdough pretzels.

Anyone with me???


In 2014, Celeste and I were fortunate to get to go to Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. 

It is part of my family's tradition to go to Oktoberfest every year. With my mom being Swiss, and my father English, Oktoberfest was always a great meeting point for some good family fun. 

On the morning of our Oktoberfest, we got up and went to a Brauhaus for a traditional Bavarian breakfast in Munich. It started with a big bowl of Weißwurst (German white sausage), a massive basket of pretzels, and a stein of Weissbier. 

Now that's a real breakfast of champions! 

There you have it... Your Guide to Oktoberfest 2020.
While 2020 might not be the year we all expected, there are still ways to keep the spirits high and to bring extra joy in our lives. If you're anything like us, food is one of life's greatest pleasures... so we feel fortunate to get to bring our creativity to help spark joy in your life. 


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