Pre-Order Policy & FAQs

Welcome to the Voyageurs Bakehouse Pre-Order Experience! 

To help you get the most our of your pre-order experience, there are a few important notes we'd like to share with you on our policy. 

1. Missed / Forgotten Pickups:

***Please note - we do not re-make your product if you forget to pick up.

Think about ordering a pizza... if you ordered a pizza and forgot to go pick it up, you wouldn't be able to re-order that pizza the following day without paying for it again.

Same goes for your bakery items. If you forget to pick up your items, here's our process: 

  • You'll receive a call or voice mail to the number you put in your order. If you don't put a number, we don't know where to reach you and thus you won't receive a call. 
  • We appropriately pack and store your items. You may pick up your item any time the following 2 days. 
  • Once your products are no longer fresh (after day 3) we dispose of your items. 
Reminder - no refunds or reschedules on forgotten pick-up items will be accommodated, unless the proper notice period is given. Please see note 2. Order Changes, below.  


2. Order Changes: 

You may change your order until 2pm, two days prior to your pick up day. Order changes may include: Pickup location, quantity of products ordered, add / remove items, order cancellation. 

  • Notice period Examples:
    • If your pickup day is Friday, you may make changes up until 2pm on Wednesday. 
    • If your pickup day is Wednesday, you may make changes up until 2pm on Friday. 

If you are adding or removing a product, all finances will be handled by our service provider Shopify.

  • If you are adding a product, you will receive an email for payment.
  • If you are receiving a refund, please allow up to 10 business days for the credit to appear on your credit card statement. You will receive an email notification that we have completed the refund on our end, and after that, the timeline is based on the Shopify system. 

3. Pre-Order Cancellations: 

You will receive a full refund for your order if you write to us at with a 2-day notice received before 2:00pm. 

If your cancellation request is received after that required notice period, you may receive a partial refund, depending on the product. 

 4. Errors made by Voyageurs Bakehouse:

Mistakes happen. We have worked hard to improve our systems and logistics of our pre-order process to ensure that if you pre-order, your products are on the shelf for you. However mistakes still happen from time to time.x

So if we make an error on your pre-order product, our policy is to refund & replace. This means that if you have pre-ordered a product via our website (this does not apply for call-in requests), and for whatever reason the product is not on the shelf in its best form, then we will refund your order to the credit card it was placed on, and we'll make sure you walk out with a loaf of bread or equivalent in your hands!