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Our story starts in the kitchen with three simple ingredients: flour, water, and salt.

It’s incredible how three of simplest ingredients can create one of the most soul nourishing foods on the planet. It’s also incredible how these three simple ingredients can bring community and family together around a table—to spark new ideas, let people know they are loved, and share big belly laughs.

We came together over a shared passion for home sourdough baking. We met in April 2018, and by June 2018 we were baking and selling at a local farmers' market hosted by our friends at Ledgestone Vineyards. Since both Kevin & Ben were passionate about sharing this beautiful product with their family and friends, it was important to introduce it to our community.

Little did we know that the people of Green Bay and the surrounding areas are hungry for real bread. We continued to bake for a few markets, and by September 2018 we launched our online & home delivery baking service.

We have continued to grow and meet the wonderful people of our community who love real bread. The phrase, “You can’t find this kind of bread anywhere else in our area," is one we hear often.

To be honest, our bread is not a unique product—it’s sourdough. We haven’t revolutionized bread. We practice tried and tested techniques that are centuries old. What’s most unique about us is that we’re making it here in our Green Bay community, and delivering it to our customer’s doorstep for free.

To date, we have delivered to over 500 homes around Green Bay, and put on over 4000 miles in the city.

Although simple and humble, a perfect loaf of sourdough has magic to it. We believe this magic comes from the fact that there are such simple ingredients that make such a stunning product. To learn more about how we make our bread, where we source the ingredients, and how we make it all come to life and to your table, you can click here to read about our bread.

Meet & greet

The Voyageurs Crew

Ben Cadman

Co-Founder & Fermentation Fanatic

Ben is a global citizen, who has now found himself here in Green Bay Wisconsin baking bread for the local community. Born in Amsterdam, raised in Singapore & Malaysia, Ben is actually half English, half Swiss. Being the son of a professional chef, Ben’s passion for food started at a very young age. His career has had many chapters including hotel management (Malaysia), owning a wine shop (Malaysia), CEO of e-commerce startup (Malaysia), head of procurement for an e-commerce (Hong Kong), and CEO of a health & wellness TV channel (Australia). Now taking on the entrepreneurial challenge himself, Ben is passionate about bringing sourdough to the Green Bay community and beyond.

Why do you love bread?

At the absolute core of me loving sourdough bread is in its simplicity. Using natural yeast and bacteria to unlock the power inside tiny grains which goes on to create a bread that is visually beautiful, delicious and nourishing at the same time.

Kevin McGillivray

Co-Founder & Sourdough Slinger

Kevin is a Green Bay native, web developer, and designer. He started making sourdough at home as a way to explore his food curiosity and share a special experience with friends and family. Through Voyageurs, he focuses on creating opportunities for the entire community to share and explore together. He is also a co-organizer of Trading Post Market, and spends the rest of his time writing code and eating his way through farmers' markets.

Why do you love bread?

Bread is simple but challenging, and no matter how it turns out you get to enjoy it and share it! Plus, watching yeast transform the simple ingredients into dough is magic every time.

Alex Baranowski

Operations Optimizer & Delivery Dispatcher

Alex is an Appleton native and St. Norbert grad. At Voyageurs, she uses her experience in customer support and operations to coordinate weekly deliveries, make sure every order arrives smoothly to the many homes we deliver to, and answer questions from our wonderful customers. She is also a co-organizer of Trading Post Market, and is our resident charcuterie and sparkling water enthusiast.

Why do you love bread?

You can't go wrong with a good loaf of bread—it's the perfect picnic companion, the life of the party, and the best treat for a quiet morning. It goes with everything and the day just isn't complete without your daily bread!

Celeste Parins

Creative Marketer & Mother of Mini-bread-connoisseur

LA born, Green Bay bred, Celeste is a global traveler and has spent her last 10 years hopping around Asia & Australia as a digital marketing manager and strategist. Her passion and experience has been in health & wellness, and personal growth and has worked for some top brands in this space. Returning back to Green Bay in March 2018 with a husband (Ben) and baby on the way, her career opened a new chapter into motherhood and entrepreneurship. Passionate to bring concepts, ideas, and cultural diversity to Green Bay, she’s hoping Voyageurs is just starting point.

Why do you love bread?

It brings people together around a table and perfectly compliments a beautiful table of food. It's rustic, yet refined; It's simple, yet complex. It’s a beautiful representation of the juxtaposition of life.

Dennis Plansky

Sourdough Enthusiast & Mr. Strong Hands

Dennis joined the team in March 2019 after seeing what Voyageurs was doing in the community, and wanting to contribute to the mission. Dennis is also a passionate home baker and sourdough enthusiast. He has spent his career as a Chiropractor and now working one-on-one with clients doing energy therapy. He brings an incredible peace and calm to the kitchen, and puts lots of love and good energy into the bread.

Sam Brown

Oven Tamer & Dough Spinner

Born and raised in Green Bay, Sam moved to Milwaukee in 2005 and returned to his home town of Green Bay in July of 2019. After having his son Arlo, Sam and his wife Jenna wanted to be closer to family. Sam's love for real bread started after reading Micheal Pollan’s book “Cooked”, and then he began to dabble with crafting his own loaves at home. When Sam is not mixing, shaping or baking bread, he is likely roasting, brewing, or drinking the best coffee he can get his hands on. Sam is also a vinyl record enthusiast and DJ, along with an avid nature lover and hiker with his newest adventure buddy, Arlo.

Huge thanks to

Our volunteers

We are incredibly fortunate to have an amazing team of volunteers who are helping us get our business off the ground. Without these volunteers, we doubt Voyageurs would be here today. You may recognize these friendly faces, as they serve as our delivery drivers and helping hands in the kitchen as well as at markets.

Richard & Linda Parins

Parents of Celeste, and in-laws of Ben, Richard and Linda are the epitome and role models of supportive parenting. After Ben and Celeste returned to the U.S. and decided to start a business while becoming first time parents at the same time, they inevitably would need some support. Richard & Linda show up everyday with high energy, endless support, and a willingness to help wherever possible. Richard is a retired Mortgage & Loan Originator, and Linda a retired voice professor, teacher, and music faculty of UWGB. In their spare time, they love spending time in their gorgeous garden and getting lost in play with their four grandchildren.

Keith McGillivray

Parent of Kevin, and in-law of Alex, Keith has played an important role as story-teller, mood-brightener, and all around support for the Voyageurs crew. He is a passionate and dedicated delivery driver, with a deep heart for success. Keith is a Wisconsin farmer, turned software engineer. Returning to the land through his son’s business has been a highlight for Keith with supporting Voyageurs. In his spare time, Keith is a musician and loves to connect with other local musicians.

Delivery Team

Also in our Volunteer support team is Don and Lori Jolly, Ryan and Allison Hellenbrand, Sam Vainisi. We are so grateful for these dedicated people who continue to show up and support our business.