The Art of Being A Real Bread Lover

Thank you for your contribution to our Kickstarter Campaign! 

Your support and belief in our business has allowed us to take Voyageurs Sourdough to the next level. The oven is on it's way, and the Bakehouse is estimated to open by end of January 2020. 

As a backer to our Kickstarter campaign, you earned the reward of our brand new e-book: "The Art of Being A Real Bread Lover". 

This is a 50-page in-depth look at all things sourdough including: 

  • A detailed look at the process of making a loaf of Voyageurs Sourdough 
  • The story of how Voyageurs was started, and the vision for the future 
  • Getting the most out of a loaf of bread; storage, cutting and uses
  • A deeper look at the grains that are used in Voyageurs bread 
  • 8 recipes of how to use and make Voyageurs Sourdough
  • PLUS we're giving you the recipe for our Signature Country loaf. 

To access your PDF, please click here or on any of the images below. This will prompt another window to open. You can choose to read online or download to print a copy. 

If you would like to receive a printed copy in the mail, we would be more than happy to accommodate**. Please email us at

** To receive a printed copy by mail, all we ask if that you cover a nominal printing and postage fee.  

We love to hear from you. Leave a comment below sharing an interesting thing you learned!


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